Pork Loin and Pot Roast Smoke

My latest attempt at smoking meat today. Working on the pot roast in tandem with the pork loin. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Realtime details posted here on Fireboard’s site: https://share.fireboard.io/E2B173 . I really like their temp probe product that comes standard with the Yoder YS480S pellet smoker.


  • Marinaded the following over night for the pork.

Cook Details:

  • Smoker temp target 245.
  • Internal temp target prior pulling the pork loin off the smoker was 150.
  • Internal temp for the beef roast was 168/170.
  • including a pan with the left over marinade in the smoker for humidity. Dropped in an onion from dinner last night.
  • The pot roast just has basic seasoning shown here:

Here is the placement in the smoker:

The pork loin ended up tasting great and was very juicy! Will definitely inject again with apple cider the night before. The beef turned out great as well.

Here are the final pictures.

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