First pork tenderloin smoke

11/15/20 - 2 Pork loins Cook Chart: Preparation Purchased Info: Salt, pepper, paprika, garlic salt, apple cider, steak seasoning.marinade over nightNo injectionsFresh thyme on the meat really enhanced the flavor Process Smoker temp 250, took about 3.5 hours totalInternal temp for thermometers Max 155 (target)Cooked for ~ 3 hours, back loin cooked faster than … Continue reading First pork tenderloin smoke

Do I Have Your Attention Yet?

Recently I was reading a book called “Mind Hacking: How to Change your Mind for Good in 21 Days” by Sir John Hargrave. This book introduced me to the concept of the “Attention Economy”. The idea of an “attention economy,” named by Babson professor and management consultant Thomas Davenport, states that “human attention, not money, … Continue reading Do I Have Your Attention Yet?